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NorthChurch Homes is a contracting and development company specialising in building beautiful, bespoke, modern homes.

We cover the South East of England, including London, Kent and Surrey. Our properties epitomise the contemporary, modern home, letting homeowners enjoy a better way of life.

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    Our clients

    We work with anybody who wants a premium new home or refurbishment in the South East of England.

    We regularly work with:


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    Our values

    We have a core set of values at the heart of our business, ensuring that every client has a positive experience when working with NorthChurch Homes.

    Pricing transparency

    We are open and honest about pricing from the beginning and everything is priced by a qualified quantity surveyor.

    Achieving the best quality homes possible

    Our quality craftsmanship really shows, making for beautiful homes that have longevity.

    Maintaining our reputation

    We are known for building better and building beautiful. This underpins everything we do as a company.

    Keeping our enthusiasm alive

    We demand high standards from all contractors, bringing on board the best craftsmen who love their work.

    Clear, accurate communication

    Our site managers and quantity surveyor work closely with you and keep you updated throughout the process.

    Attention to detail

    Everyone who works with us has a practised eye for detail; we know the little things will make your home stand out.

    Meet our founder

    Meet our founder

    Paul Church

    Paul Church

    I founded NorthChurch Homes in 2014 and I manage the running of the company. As managing director, I take care of finances, production, health and safety, and the overall quality of our work, ensuring each and every build exceeds expectations.

    I had many years of industry experience behind me before starting my own company. I left school when I was 15 and worked as a bricklayer’s apprentice, gaining my NVQ Level 6. Afterwards, I worked as a bricklaying foreman, then as a site manager for a company that built luxury homes. I progressed through this company until I was in charge of the build team. This is where my knowledge of and love for the luxury homes market developed.

    Building anything and everything is a passion of mine, and always has been. I have a team around me who feel exactly the same, who take pride in their work and have a genuine enthusiasm for creating beautiful homes. We all want to produce the best results for our clients and do whatever it takes to get there.

    Paul Church

    Our projects

    See examples of our previous work and discover how we could bring your dream home to life.

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